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Duncan Profly yo-yo
Duncan Profly yo-yo The Duncan Profly yo-yo is ideal for learning basic techniques as well as more intermediate tricks inexpensively. The Profly features a wooden axle sleeve to help make it sleep, and a rounded butterfly shape to make string tricks easier. Packaged with instructional CD, String Tricks Volume 1.

Red, orange, green, light blue, purple or black.
$4.50 each

Duncan Pulse yo-yo
Duncan Pulse yo-yo package The Duncan Pulse yo-yo is a color-changing lighted yo-yo unlike any other yo-yo. Two LEDs light up as the yo-yo spins, producing a whirling display of colors in the dark. The body of the yo-yo is a lightweight clear modified Imperial shape (very good for looping), with a high speed ball bearing axle, and friction stickers for perfect response. With its long spin times, this yo-yo is great for wrap style tricks. Uses two L1121 button cels (included, plus two extra batteries!) Small parts - not for children under 3 years.

Clear only.
$9 each

Duncan Bumble Bee yo-yo
Duncan Bumble Bee yo-yo The Duncan Bumble Bee yo-yo spins on a high speed ball-bearing axle for long sleep times, and has a modified standard shape for looping tricks. This yo-yo features Duncan's exclusive Brake Pad Technology for reliable returns, and makes a great entry point to more advanced tricks without spending a lot. The Bumble Bee has black and yellow halves that match its black and yellow string (one extra string is included).

Black/yellow only.
$10 each

Duncan Throw Monkey yo-yo
Duncan Throw Monkey yo-yo The Duncan Throw Monkey yo-yo has a large butterfly shape for freehand and string tricks and high speed ball bearings for long sleep times. Included are a counterweight, CD-ROM ("Freehand and Offstring Tricks Vol. 1"), extra spacers for advanced play, and an extra string. When you're ready to go beyond the basics, throw a Monkey!

Clear, red/white, yellow/blue, green/black or black/yellow.
$17 each

Duncan Metal Drifter yo-yo
Duncan Metal Drifter yo-yo The Duncan Metal Drifter is the next step in the evolution of the less expensive metal yo-yo. Incorporating the best features of the Metal Zero, the Drifter uses aircraft grade aluminum to achieve long, consistent spins. The diameter is slightly smaller, and the string gap is slightly wider than previous metal Duncans, which makes it popular for switching to unresponsive play. With a recessed sticker response and included counterweight for freehand tricks, the Metal Drifter is ideal for the intermediate to advanced player to move up to a metal yo-yo. Recommended age 12 and up.

Orange, green, aqua blue or purple.
$27 each

Duncan FH Zero Lighted yo-yo
Duncan FH Zero Lighted yo-yo The Duncan FH Zero Lighted yo-yo takes the freehand yo-yo to a new level. Features include: ball bearing axle, friction sticker return system, wide adjustable gap with a take apart butterfly design, and polycarbonate body for durability. In the freehand style of yo-yo play, the string is not tied to your finger, but is attached to a small counterweight instead. This counterweight can then be thrown in the air, revolving with the string and yo-yo extended, allowing for many new ways to catch the counterweight or the middle of the string. Comes with lighted die counterweight (counterweight battery not replaceable).

Clear, fluorescent yellow or blue.
$27 each

Yo-yo string
Duncan yo-yo string whiteDuncan yo-yo string, lime green Replacement yo-yo strings restore responsiveness as your string wears and gets dirty, and add some color to your yo-yo. For bearing yo-yos, a synthetic or 50/50 string is recommended for durability. For wooden sleeve yo-yos, a twisted cotton string is the best match.

Cotton: White or red.
Synthetic: Red, fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange, fluorescent lime green, aqua blue.
$.25 each

The kendama is an addictive skill toy from Japan that presents limitless challenges to your dexterity. A kendama consists of a wooden ball with a hole, connected by a string to a handle. The ball can then be caught in any of three indented cups or on a peg at the top of the handle. Many imaginative tricks are possible, and an enclosed leaflet shows the basic tricks one needs to master to climb up the skill chart of the Japan Kendama Association. The kendama is an extension of the French version called bilboquet, and has been around in its present form for almost a hundred years. Once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down. Challenge your friends to see how far you can get!

Video of Juggling friends The Void, Guy Heathcote, and friends.
Kendama USA Classic
Kendama USA Classic The Classic kendama is a full featured kendama at a minimal price. Made from birch wood, the Classic makes a great first kendama for someone who would like an introduction to the standard kendama without spending a lot.

Natural, red, green, blue or black.
$18 each

SunRise single color kendama
SunRise single color kendama SunRise kendamas feature a seasoned beechwood ken (handle), with chip resistant painted tama (ball) (except natural). Approved by the European Kendama Association, SunRise has been an international favorite since 2008.

Natural, white, light pink, red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, light purple or black.
$20 each

SunRise single stripe kendama
SunRise striped color kendama SunRise kendamas feature a seasoned beechwood ken (handle), with chip resistant painted tama (ball) (except natural). Approved by the European Kendama Association, SunRise has been an international favorite since 2008.

Red/white, green/white, blue/white, light purple/white, black/white, gold/white
Red/black, orange/black, yellow/black, green/black, blue/black, light purple/black, black/silver.
$22 each

Tribute Super Stick kendama
Tribute Super Stick kendamas The Tribute Super Stick from Kendama USA features a soft silk matte, rubbery feeling paint that resembles the 2013 Pro models. Super Stick kendamas incorporate the popular Tribute ken (handle) and some unique color choices. Each is packaged with an extra string and bead, stickers, and instructions.

Glacier white, yellow, green, teal, or merlot.
$24 each

Tribute 5 Cup kendama
Tribute 5 Cup kendama The Tribute 5 Cup kendama has an extra crosspiece (sarado) mounted perpendicularly on an extra long ken (spiked handle). Crazy combinations are then possible between the different cups for a change of pace, after you have mastered the basics on a regular kendama. Each crosspiece is anchored to the ken for secure play and easy changing of string.

$28 each

Tribute 5 hole kendama
Tribute 5 Hole kendamas The Tribute 5 Hole kendama puts a twist on things by adding 4 holes to the usual one in the tama (ball). This creates many new possibilities for spiking and making combinations. (It also makes the tama lighter in weight, so beginners should stick to standard kendamas.) Comes with an extra string and stickers.

Natural, bamboo, pink, red, green, blue, purple or black.
$30 each

Pro Model kendamas
Pro Model Spirit Animal kendamas The Kendama USA Pro 2013 Spirit Animal series features a grippy matte paint that was nearly two years in development. Each color corresponds to a different pro, who has selected an animal for their signature model. The highly popular tama finish on this beechwood kendama makes learning new catches easier with just the right amount of extra friction.

Peach, mellow yellow, green, midnight blue.
$30 each

kendama string pack
kendama string pack The KenUSA kendama color string and bead pack lets you change the look of your kendama while you replace your worn or frayed string. Each pack contains 10 different replacement kendama strings in rich hues with a bead for each.

$12.00 pack of 10 strings with beads

Sweets Dyed kendamas
Sweets Dyed kendamas Sweets Kendamas Dyed wood. Each comes with an extra string and bead, and an instructional pamphlet.

Orange, green or blue.
$23 each

SunRise Metallic kendamas
SunRise Metallic kendamas SunRise Metallic kendamas have a unique frosted look that sparkles in the sun. Each is crafted from European beechwood, and comes with an extra string.

Red, yellow, green, aqua, blue, fuchsia , charcoal
$30 each

Sweets Marbled kendamas
Sweets Marbled kendamas Sweets Kendamas Marbled designs are some of the most visually striking kendamas anywhere (like a multi-colored planet Venus). Marbled kendamas have the extremely durable Aisuru finish to resist chips and scratches. Each comes with an extra string and bead, and an instructional pamphlet.

Red/black, orange/blue or pastel green/purple.
$30 each

Sweets Chameleon kendamas
Sweets Chameleon kendamas The Sweets Chameleon kendama has stunning two tone iridescent paint that shows a frosted top color with a golden background color that shows through as the angle of light changes. The paint has been formulated to be chip resistant, and comes with an extra string and bead, and instructions.

Red or green.
$40 each

SunRise Performer kendama
SunRise Performer kendama Go big with the SunRise Performer kendama! This scaled up version of the high quality European brand is 33% taller than the regular SunRise (24 cm instead of 18). This makes many catches actually easier, since there is a larger margin for error, but requires more energy to be put into play. This jumbo kendama is especially effective when you need visibility in front of a large group, and is a fun change of pace for anyone who loves kendama.

Natural, red, orange, yellow, green, blue.
$70 each

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