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Lighted Stage Juggling Ball
Lighted Stage Juggling Balls

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Lighted Rainbow Juggling Balls

Now the sunset doesn't have to signal the end of your outdoor juggling fun! Lighted stage balls are filled vinyl balls illuminated by an LED and ordinary watch batteries. They give off a bright glow which is very impressive in total darkness. A rotating switch allows you to easily turn each one on and off. Batteries are good for approximately 10-20 hours of continuous use, and replacement sets (3 of type LR44) are available.

Slightly flexible, these lighted balls keep their round shape, and have a similarly pleasant feel as a DX Ball, with a soft finish. Light glows evenly around the surface of the ball, for a very professional look. The faint sound of plastic filling inside gives the ball almost a "Russian ball" feel. These balls are not intended as an everyday practice ball, but should be used for special occasions in the dark.

7 cm (2.76 in.), 140 g (5 oz)

White, red, green or blue.
Strobe (red/blue/green quick strobe)
Color changing rainbow (fading color-wash).

$16.95 each

Batteries for Lighted Stage Juggling Balls
Lighted Juggling Ball battery Each replacement battery set contains 3 alkaline LR44 button cells (1.5 volts each) - enough to power one lighted Stage juggling ball (or lighted poi ball) for approximately 10 hours. This battery replaces those sold under the manufacturers' codes AG13, L1154, A76, and others. For a list of additional codes corresponding to this battery, see Wikipedia.

$1.95/pack of 3

Lighted Juggling Ball Insert
Lighted Juggling Ball Insert Inserts can be taped to a club, diabolo, or devil stick for all kinds of illuminated juggling!
Replacement light insert including batteries

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