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Instructional Juggling Videos
Ball Juggling
Anyone Can Juggle DVD

Anyone Can Juggle DVD (56 min.)
If you are just starting to learn how to juggle (or would like a gift for someone beginning), then try Anyone Can Juggle. This disc uses the versatility of the DVD medium to take the viewer chapter by chapter through the basic steps of learning to juggle three balls. Later chapters show tricks with three, how to juggle clubs, and more advanced tricks for one or more jugglers. Each lesson includes a thorough explanation and well-shot visual examples to follow.
$15 (regularly $20)

You Can Juggle! video You Can Juggle! (30 min.)
Accomplished juggler Daniel Rosen teaches the basics of 3 ball juggling in a clear and entertaining way. Included are excerpts from performances and some off the wall segments in between lessons.

Juggle! The Passing Zone Method Juggle! The Passing Zone Method (35 min.)
With clarity and humor, Owen Morse and Jon Wee of the Passing Zone take you through an introduction to juggling three balls, including some basic tricks. Included is a sequence of some of the Passing Zone's most popular routines including People Juggling.

Ball Juggling DVD - Ultimate Juggling Series Ball Juggling DVD - Ultimate Juggling Series (35 min.)
Experienced performer and teacher Rob Weinstein presents straightforward demonstrations and instructions on many aspects of ball juggling including the three ball cascade; many tricks with 3; 4 through 7 ball juggling; bounce juggling; and tips for making up new tricks and routines.

Patterns 1 DVD

Patterns 1 DVD (110 min.)
A demonstration DVD by the Gandini Juggling Project on patterns for two jugglers standing side by side. More combinations than you would have thought possible are shown, with arms crossing and weaving, sharing a single juggling pattern; sometimes walking around, sometimes adding in extra balls, etc.
Ball Bouncing
Ball Bounce Juggling with Paul Bachman video Ball Bouncing Juggling with Paul Bachman DVD (38 min.)
Patterns with three, four, and five balls, with many tips on bouncing tricks.

The Big Bouncer video

The Big Bouncer Show (80 min.)
The creative minds at Peapot video turned their attention to bounce juggling for this video, which shows patterns and tricks with up to nine balls. Technical skills are intertwined with unusual variations and quirky skits, as jugglers have come to expect from Maksim Komaro, Ville Walo, and Jay Gilligan. Also making a special appearance is modern juggling/dance artiste Jérôme Thomas performing a bounce solo improv.

Bouncing in Paris DVD

Bouncing in Paris DVD (120 min.)
You can tell a juggling video has succeeded when both jugglers and non-jugglers are entertained by it. Bouncing in Paris takes full advantage of interesting locations around Paris to show a wide variety of bounce juggling, both new and creative as well as classical (up to 9 balls solo). Many innovative patterns are shown for one or two jugglers, demonstrated with style and at a high technical level. While most of this DVD is set to music and not narrated, some terminology and basic patterns are explained.

Expert Ball Bouncing video

Expert Ball Bouncing video (60 min.)
This video is not just for experts! Guinness record holder Tim Nolan explains and teaches the basics of bounce juggling, and takes the viewer through many patterns and variations using 3 to 10 balls. As more balls are added, the difficulty of the tricks increases, including footage of a 10-ball bounce and collect.
Cigar Boxes

Cigar Boxes with Brian Patz video

Cigar Boxes with Brian Patz DVD (22 min.)
Cigar Boxes with Brian Patz is an instructional DVD on cigar box skills for the beginning juggler to the advanced performer, featuring one of the smoothest cigar box jugglers around. Starting with basic moves, the narration and frequent slow-motion shots teach the viewer progressively more difficult tricks. Many intermediate and advanced variations are covered, including take outs, windmills, and pirouettes. This fast paced video is packed with inspiration for new moves, and wastes no time as it moves from one idea to the next.


Club Juggling

Club Juggling & Passing DVD

Club Juggling & Passing - starring Haggis McLeod (59 min.)
If you are interested in learning clubs, this video is the next best thing to having your own juggling coach.


Madison Variations DVD Madison Variations DVD (120 min.)
The Gandini Juggling Project and their many talented friends bring you a celebration of the art of club passing, based on patterns created by the Mad Five (club passers from Madison, Wisconsin). Set to the music of Johan Sebastian Bach.

Radical Club News 1: Special Report! video Radical Club News 1: Special Report! (47 min.)
The makers of "3b Different Ways" had so much footage on clubs, that they had to release it on two separate videos. Special Report! contains many new variations on club manipulation, using rolls, ricochets, kickups, and slapbacks, and novel combinations of throw heights and placements (site swaps with tricks). Artists featured include Maksim Komaro, Ville Walo, Jay Gilligan, Manu Laude, Sakari and more.

Radical Club News 2: This Just In! video Radical Club News 2: This Just In! (47 min.)
A continuation of Special Report! (the two videos were released simultaneously), This Just In! brings you more new and impressive ways to handle clubs, along with irreverent sketches and unusual settings. This volume contains the famous Legos segment (swinging the clubs by knobs and ends with stops and multiplexes in different positions), and many other original examples of club manipulation combined with movement. Artists include Maksim Komaro, Ville Walo, Jay Gilligan, Sakari, and more. (Note: naked rear ends are seen briefly.)
Club Swinging
The Art of Club Swinging DVD The Art of Club Swinging DVD (110 min.)
This DVD offers a complete course in club swinging, from beginner to expert. Each step is explained and demonstrated gracefully by Kati Ylä-Hokkala and Sharon Haddock (of Gandini Juggling). Topics include grips circles, reels, fountain, snakes, mills and more.
Contact Juggling
Contact Juggling Part 1 DVD Contact Juggling Part 1 DVD (35 min. plus 20 minutes of footage to practice along with)
Greg Maldonado and Owen Edson take the viewer from the very first steps through advanced combinations in this humorous look at contact juggling.

Contact Juggling Part 2 DVD

Contact Juggling Part 2 DVD (60 min.)



Devil Stick
Devil Stick with Neil Stammer video Devil Stick with Neil Stammer (24 min.)
An introductory video by one of the best devil stick artists around. Also includes some intermediate and advanced moves.

Fantastic Devilstick DVD Fantastic Devilstick DVD (95 min.)
Produced in Japan, and featuring three top experts, Fantastic Devilstick is an instructional DVD with a wealth of material. Unlike most stick videos, tapered devil sticks are used rather than tasseled flower sticks. Chapters start with the basics, and proceed through intermediate and advanced tricks using idling, propellers, helicopters, balancing, and much more. Discussion sections cover topics as diverse as how to carry your sticks, and how to make handsticks. The video is capped off with freestyle demonstrations by Sioux, chie, and Hard-Puncher Shinnosuke.
Diabolo Folies Part 1 and 2 DVD Diabolo Folies Part 1 and 2 DVD (95 min.)
The videos that launched the modern era of diabolo instruction are now available on one combined DVD. Diabolo Folies Part 1 takes the beginner through spinning and correcting the diabolo, and teaches a vast variety of fundamental tricks and variations. Expert diaboloists including Jochen Schell demonstrate intermediate and advanced skills. Diabolo Folies Part 2 teaches how to start and perform tricks with two and three diabolos at once!


Complete Diabolo DVD

Complete Diabolo DVD (90 min.)
Complete Diabolo is a detailed instructional video, starring four of Japan's leading diaboloists, including Ryo Yabe. Over 200 tricks are taught with precision and demonstrated with a high degree of mastery. Lessons start very simply at the beginning and proceed through tilt, acceleration, and skills of all sorts (body moves, string tricks, stick releases, grinds, whip catches, etc.) The advanced section includes 2-diabolo suns, sprinklers, and reverse rotation tricks. In Japanese with optional English subtitles.

Diabology: The Art of Diabolo DVD Diabology: The Art of Diabolo DVD (140 min.)
The next wave of diabolo innovation is here, and it can be seen on Diabology. This two-disc DVD set includes teaching sections for 1, 2, and 3 diabolos and diabolo siteswaps, as well as performances, freestyle highlights, and bonus material. The DVDs contain a wealth of new tricks adding more complexity, height, use of different planes, and acrobatic elements. Performers include Jibe, Tony, Antonin, Trash, Priam, Lutin, Eric, Baptiste, and Vux, known collectively as the Mad French Posse.


Dice Stacking
The Dice Stacking DVD The Dice Stacking DVD (50 min.)
Todd Strong teaches this mesmerizing collection of tricks involving a cup and 4 large dice.
$25 (cup and dice included)
$20 without dice and cup
$9 for a cup and dice without the DVD
Advanced Flair DVD Advanced Flair DVD (71 min.)
Whether you are an aspiring bartender, a juggler, or just interested in object manipulation with bottles, this video takes you through steps from beginner to expert. "Advanced Flair for the competitive bartender" teaches object manipulation with bottles, tins (similar to shaker cups) and other props you might use while mixing drinks. Multiple tin splits and nests, and three- and four- prop combinations are demonstrated, along with tips for scoring well under competition rules. (If you're a juggler who hasn't seen bar flair in person or on TV, then keep an eye out for it!) This DVD has appearances by Alan Mays and 9-time world champion (and Argentinean juggler) Christian Delpech. Special features include the Blue Man tandem routine, and outtakes, along with a detailed trick index.



Poi Spinning Basics

Poi Spinning Basics DVD (51 min.)
This DVD is divided into detailed lessons, taught by Shireen Press and Delpha Turley with poise (no pun intended) and clarity. Basic elements are combined to create review routines for practice, and intermediate and advanced skills are addressed, covering a wide range of moves.

$19 (regularly $20)

Infinite Skill of Poi DVD Infinite Skill of Poi DVD (75 min.)
A vast array of tricks are taught by five different teachers on this extensive instructional DVD. Basic swings are addressed, followed by turns, weaves, butterflies, and many more variations. Advanced moves include the behind the back weave, and isolations. In Japanese with optional English subtitles.


Poi Spinning: Focus on Transitions DVD Poi Spinning: Focus on Transitions DVD (71 min.)
Designed for those who have mastered the basics and are looking for the next step in developing strong technique in the art of dancing with poi.

$19 (regularly $20)

Hat Juggling
Hat Juggling and Manipulation with Andy Head DVD Hat Juggling and Manipulation with Andy Head DVD (36 min.)
If you've ever seen a good hat juggling routine, you know that there are countless possibilities for rolls, flips catches, etc. Now you can learn them from a pro.


Ring Juggling
Cooking Fat video Cooking Fat (45 min.)
The guys at Peapot video have done it again, this time with rings. Contains one brief shot containing partial nudity. Maksim Komaro, Ville Walo, and Jay Gilligan show their creative interpretation of the ring-shaped juggling genre. From the makers of 3b Different Ways, and Radical Club News.
Tricks, Stunts, and Manipulation
The Art of Showing Off video The Art of Showing Off - The Raspyni Brothers (60 min.)
How to amaze family and friends with a vast array of stunts, tricks, and feats of object manipulation using everyday objects. Specialized juggling and magic tricks are also demonstrated by these well-known jugglers.

Eccentricks DVD Eccentricks DVD (60 min.)
Charlie Frye gives you practical tips on magic tricks and juggling gags to improve your show.

Introduction To Unicycling DVD

Introduction To Unicycling DVD (50 min.)
This is a fun all-around look at unicycling, intended to get the viewer excited about the sport. A ten-minute instructional section in the middle allows you to follow along with a 9-year-old beginner, who is taught to ride over the course of one week by 1998 freestyle world champion Dustin Kelm. There are sections on advanced skills and mountain unicycling that will keep you inspired to learn more, and a unicycle video catalog from the producers at UDC (from whom Serious Juggling can special order anything you like, if we do not already stock it).

One Tired Guy DVD

One Tired Guy DVD (22 min.)
From snowy mountain tops to narrow bridge railings, follow Kris Holm through diverse and amazing settings on this off-road showcase. One Tired Guy (don't miss the double meaning in the title) also visits the highest volcano in Mexico, where Kris is joined by Nathan Hoover for a descent down the south face of El Pico de Orizaba.

One Wheel - No Limit DVD

One Wheel - No Limit DVD (60 min.)
Unicycle tricks of all levels.

UNiVERsE: Extreme Unicycling video

UNiVERsE: Extreme Unicycling (45 min.)
This groundbreaking video shows what it is to push the limits of unicycling, from urban stunts to mountain trails and from trials courses to skate parks. Adam Ryznar, Dan Heaton, Kris Holm and others show their fearless unicycling in locations from British Columbia to California.

UNiVERsE 2: Implosion Factor DVD

UNiVERsE 2: Implosion Factor - One Wheel Insanity DVD (32 min.)
You don't have to be a unicyclist to be amazed by this DVD. Put it on, and all eyes in the room will be glued to the screen as some of today's most daring riders throw caution to the wind. This display of the state of the art of off-road, trials, and urban stunt unicycling is not for the faint of heart.


Defect DVD

Defect DVD (40 min.)
Defect is the latest unicycling DVD from Syko Productions, featuring outrageous street riding, difficult trials and freestyle skills, and exciting mountain unicycling (muni) sequences. This high-energy portrait of modern unicycling skills will inspire even non-unicyclists to try something new. Riders include Kris Holm, Dan Heaton, Kaori Matsuzawa, Jeff Groves, and Ben Plotkin-Swing. Includes bonus commentary, and optional subtitles in German and French.
sale $15 (regularly $22)

Into the Thunder Dragon DVD

Into the Thunder Dragon DVD (47 min.)
Follow Kris Holm and Nathan Hoover on a unicycle journey through the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Remote and rugged terrain make for an unusual unicycle film by Sean White and Outside Television.

US National Unicycle Convention '96 DVD

US National Unicycle Convention '96 DVD (60 min.)
All the fun and amazement of the U.S. National Unicycle Convention is captured in this portrait of the 1996 event, held in Chariton, Iowa. Competitions held include freestyle competitions for individuals, pairs, and groups, and races at various distances. Artistic routines showcase difficult skills presented to music. Includes clips of the public show.
Duncan Yo-Yo: How To Be A Player DVD How To Be A Player DVD ( min.)
Duncan yo-yo's How to Be A Player: Learn over 100 yo-yo and spin top tricks with Steve Brown and Chris Neff.


Festival Videos

Best of British Festivals '95-'97 DVD (120 min.)

Best of the Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival DVD Best of the Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival '87-'99 DVD (120 min.)


British Juggling Convention (BJC) '04 DVD (Derby) British Juggling Convention (BJC) '04 DVD (Derby) (100 min.)


British Juggling Convention (BJC) '00 DVD (York) (60 min.)
Includes footage of special guest Anthony Gatto.

European Juggling Festival '03 DVD (Svendborg, Denmark) European Juggling Festival '03 DVD (Svendborg, Denmark) (83 min.)


European Juggling Festival '02 DVD (Bremen, Germany) European Juggling Festival '02 DVD (Bremen, Germany) (75 min.)
This video features some spectacular performers, including the Gandini Project, super-fast club juggler Mario Barousek, and the LaSalle Brothers.

European Juggling Convention 1998 DVD (Edinburgh, Scotland) European Juggling Convention '98 DVD (Edinburgh, Scotland) (60 min.)
This video highlights some exceptional diabolo work by Donald Grant and Guy Heathcoate, and much more.


Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival DVD (120 min. each vol.)
Vol. 1 '87-'89, Vol. 2 '90-'93, Vol. 3 '94-'96, Vol. 4 '98, '99, '01
Such sights as juggling torches on an active lava flow, volleyclub, etc.
$20 each volume

The First Ten Years of the Portland Juggling Festival video

The First Ten Years of the Portland Juggling Festival (56 min.)
A montage of faces and feats that marked the first ten years of this festival. Included are glimpses of Francoise Rochais, Team Rootberry, Sergey Krutikov, Jason Garfield, and many more.

Portland Juggling Festival '95 and '99 DVD (120 min.)
Highlights from two years of Portland festivals.

Portland Juggling Festival 1998 video

Portland Juggling Festival '98 (33 min.)

Portland '99 - Austin '99 - Hawaiian Vaudeville '99 DVD (120 min.)
Three festivals (complete programs) on one cassette.

Renegade Reading 2002 DVD Renegade Reading 2002 DVD


Renegade Montreal 2000 DVD (30 min.)
Highlights from the late-night anything goes shows from 2000.

Steel Silk video Champion Acrobats of China - Steel Silk (46 min.)
More routines showing unbelievably high levels of skill and artistry, including rope tricks, antipodism, and three diabolos low on one string!
PAL only $25

Lazer Vaudeville - Live at the Ellen Eccles Theatre Lazer Vaudeville - Live at the Ellen Eccles Theatre (90 min.)
A highly entertaining performance video of this three-person variety troupe. Carter Brown, Cindy Marvell, and company combine club juggling and passing, ball bouncing, hoop juggling and rolling, rope spinning, magic, blacklight effects, and laser light in a show that all ages will enjoy.
$20 DVD
Highlight Videos & Documentaries
Airjazz video Airjazz - A World in Motion DVD (30 min.)
Highlights of the international performing career of this trio of artistic jugglers, bracketed by crazy new introductions.

Anthony Gatto - To Be the Best video Anthony Gatto - To Be the Best (40 min.)
Spectacular practice footage of numbers juggling and never before seen combinations.
Also, Anthony Gatto's stage show and some interview footage.

Bobby May: Great American Juggler DVD Bobby May: Great American Juggler DVD
(26 min.)
One of juggling's true originals, Bobby May set the standard for technical, yet lighthearted vaudevillian juggling in the 1920s through '50s. Little footage, however, has been publically available of him over the years. Using archival film clips and interviews with Bobby May and others, this documentary paints a definitive portrait of the stylish and influential star. Includes the previously unreleased 10-minute film short "The Juggling Fool" from 1920. Tricks include a 5-ball bounce while in a headstand, his unique off-tempo 3-ball routine, 7-ball juggling, the famous cigarette trick, and hat/cane/ball combinations.

The Charlie Brown Video The Charlie Brown Video DVD (40 min.)
See classic footage collected from years of professional appearances on stage and on television. Charlie Brown is a virtuoso cigar box worker, does extremely fast torch swinging, and has built enough juggling and comedic skill over the years to impress any audience.

Extracts video

Extracts (approx. 90 min.)
The Gandini Juggling Project have opened new frontiers with their performances of modern dance and movement using juggling. This compilation video features pieces from the last six years: "n'Either Either botH anD," "Caught stilL/hanging," "and other curiOus questions," "Septet," and "Septet / 2." Included is a detailed booklet.

Flying Karamazov Brothers Scrapbook DVD

Flying Karamazov Brothers Scrapbook DVD (90 min.)

In Motion with Michael Moschen video

In Motion with Michael Moschen (60 min.)
This episode of PBS's "Great Performances" shows Michael Moschen's work in juggling, dance and movement, and some of the process used in its creation.
Video out of print as of 12/1/05 Taking names for DVD availability in the future.

juggler Juggler
This documentary was primarily shot at the 1997 IJA festival in Pittsburgh, and was screened at the 1999 festival in Niagara Falls. Besides some great performance footage, there are in-depth interviews with some of juggling's biggest names.
$20 DVD DVD (85 min.)
This DVD features jamming by Bill Berry, Dan Holzman, Frank Olivier, Sean McKinney, Tim Kelly, Bob Mendelsohn, "Mad Chad" Taylor, Dave Capurro (with yo-yo), and more! Prop categories include 3-ball and 3-club juggling, tennis balls and can, and cigar boxes. Some gag footage and mature humor.

Juggling by Strider productions DVD Juggling (by Strider Productions) (50 min.)
An entertaining documentary (up to the '80s) of juggling in many different forms, featuring footage of many of juggling's greatest performers.



A Juggling Journey: Cindy Marvell in Performance

A Juggling Journey: Cindy Marvell in Performance DVD (56 min.)
Compiled from performance highlights from throughout Cindy Marvell's juggling career, this DVD features a great deal of background material, text, and bonus footage. Pieces shown include solo routines, works with Lazer Vaudeville; lukaluka; The Pickle Family Circus; and Darn, Good and Funny.


Juggling Master 2000 video Juggling Master 2000 (50 min.)
If you want to see numbers juggling tricks of outrageous difficulty and variety, you're looking at the right video. Besides highlights from his practice sessions, Jason Garfield instructs on practice methods to gain consistency in your juggling. Contains some staged violence and kung fu humor.

Juggling Master II video Juggling Master II (70 min.)
Jason Garfield is back with a slew of new tricks and even funnier sketches. Included are tips on pirouettes and balancing while juggling. Contains self-bleeped mature language.

Juggling Master III video

Juggling Master III (37 min.)
In a parallel universe somewhere, Jason Garfield is extremely happy - almost giddy - all the time. Welcome to Juggling Master III, where Jason instructs on stage movement, posing, choreography, and facial expressions in a tongue-in-cheek way. The alterna-Jason is unleashed in a grocery store (eating the apple from a 5-apple cascade), and shows a version of the gold medal winning routine that brought the house down at the 2002 IJA Championships. Includes a new montage of difficult juggling. (Note: some mature humor. Well, immature, really.) Contains self-bleeped mature language.

Juggling Kung Fu Master video

Juggling Kung Fu Master (50 min.)
A full-length movie by Jason Garfield. Please call Serious Juggling at 909-258-4459 before purchasing.

Things You Can't Do video

Things You Can't Do (55 mins.)
This compilation of technical juggling features clips from Jack Kalvan, Scotty Cavanaugh, Jeffrey Daymont, Ivan Pecel, Chris Chiappini, and many more. Each section highlights that particular juggler's creativity and proficiency whether it is with balls, clubs, rings, or cigar boxes. An inspiring video if you are working on your technical skills, or for anyone who likes difficult and amazing juggling.


TYCD 2 DVD - More Things You Can't Do. (55 mins.)
In this sequel to Things You Can't Do, another batch of amazing footage will entertain you (and motivate you to practice more). The juggling tends to be very difficult technically, while still showing surprising new twists with balls, clubs, rings, diabolo, and cigar boxes. Jugglers featured: Scotty Cavanaugh, Robin Chestnut, Chris Chiappini, Matt Hall, Jack Kalvan, Bryson Lang, Will Murray, Ivan Pecel, Team Rootberry, C.J. Smith and Dana Tison.

Toby Walker DVD

Toby Walker DVD (14 mins.)
One of the top club jugglers in the world, Toby Walker takes tricks that are hard to imagine and makes them look easy. Taped one rainy afternoon in 1999, this "DVD single" includes many original variations with three clubs; the five-club Mills Mess, and a seven club cascade.

Siteswaps DVD Set

Siteswaps DVD Set (11.5 hours.)
This three disc set contains over 11 hours of footage exploring the numerical notation for juggling patterns: its history, theory, and the most difficult site swap tricks being done today. A monumental achievement, and enough to occupy the curious juggler for years to come.

Vova & Olga Galchenko DVD

Vova & Olga Galchenko DVD (34 min.)
Two teenaged phenoms (as seen on Oprah, the Today Show, and Ellen) show some of their most difficult club juggling and passing tricks on this video. Includes many new tricks, funny outtakes and numbers as high as six clubs solo and 12 passing (breaking the then world record run).

Olga & Vova Just Hard Stuff DVD

Olga & Vova Just Hard Stuff DVD ( min.)
Taped at the ages of 14 and 17, Olga and Vova's second DVD contains tricks and combinations even more difficult than before. Numbers as high as 12 clubs (and 7 clubs solo), back-to-back passing, kickups, pirouettes, and body throws are all made to look easy, despite the numbers of clubs in the air. Includes behind the scenes footage of rehearsal and preparations for their gold medal winning act in the 2004 IJA Teams Competition.

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