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Beard Trans Euro juggling clubs
Beard Trans Euro juggling clubs A flashy Euro-style juggling club completely covered in silver, accented by a holographic band near the middle.
Length: 52 cm (20.5 in.) Weight: 224 g (7.9 oz)

Decoration choices: green, silver, red, fuchsia, gold or blue.
$24 each (regular $29)

Dubé Phatboyz Laserdust juggling clubs
Dubé Phatboyz juggling clubs The dube Phatboyz Laserdust juggling club features a wider bulb and heavier weight than Euro clubs. This extra size and inertia makes for solid, consistent patterns, but requires more energy in each throw. Phatboyz clubs are affected less by wind than lighter clubs, and retain the easy balance and consistent feel of other dube clubs. Glittery Laserdust decorations make these Phatboyz look good on or off stage!
Length: 52 cm (20.5 in.)
Weight: 250 g (8.8 oz) or 280 g (9.9 oz)

White isogrip handles: silver, red, gold, green, aqua blue, purple

Dubé Euro Laserdust all black juggling clubs
dube Euro Laserdust all black juggling clubs The dube Euro 220 Laserdust (over all black) juggling club is a top of the line club with a sleek visual style. A black vinyl handle decoration is added to the classic dube Euro club with its comfortable flex handle, built on a black plastic body. Tri-laminated glitter decorations in a choice of colors are applied, along with a black knob and endcap. Like all dube Euro clubs, the result is a solid, consistent club with excellent balance and feel in the air.
220 g (7.75 oz) 52 cm (20.5 in.)

3 Silver, 3 gold.
$43 each

Dubé juggling clubs Beavers colors
Dubé juggling clubs Beaver colors Dube Euro 220 juggling clubs in Beavers colors are top of the line dube clubs with a customized decoration pattern inspired by Oregon State University. A wrapped, flexible handle and rubber knob and endcap absorb impact on your hand or the ground, making these comfortable and pleasant to practice with. These clubs come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage, and have a weight and balance that have been refined over decades of production history.

Length: 52 cm (20.5 in.)
Weight: 250 g (8.8 oz)

$43 each

Dubé Stage juggling Clubs
dube Stage juggling clubs The dube Stage decorated juggling club is a flashier, fully decorated version of the Euro club. Stripes of glittery Laserdust metallic tape are applied over the whole body of the club, and then covered in a clear layer to protect the decorations. As shown, these clubs are the Euro 220 longhandled club, with white plastic Isogrip handle, white knob, end, and tape. Handle and trim options are the same as for the Custom Euro. Choosing a solid body color gives these clubs a sleek, classy look that accentuates the shape of the club body.

Blue, green, aqua, red, gold, silver
$44 each

Dubé Stage striped juggling clubs
dube Stage striped juggling clubs dube Stage striped clubs are dube Euro clubs (longhandled Euro 220s unless otherwise ordered) with two colors of Laserdust glitter Mylar decorations covering the entire club body. Stripes of the primary color are applied on top of an accent color, which results in a pattern that shows off the speed of the club's rotation, especially when spun around the long axis. Many custom combinations are possible, including school colors or colors that match a costume (and many combinations are kept in stock here for fast shipping). A clear protective layer keeps away scratches. The clubs pictured here have white plastic Isogrip handles, and custom handle and trim options are available as for dube Custom Euro clubs. white knobs, ends and tape, glitter decoration protected with tri-laminate.

Silver/green, silver/aqua, silver/red, silver/blue, silver/gold.
$44 each

Todd Smith Satellite juggling clubs
Todd Smith Satellite clubs The Todd Smith Satellite juggling club is a flashy silver handled club with outstanding balance and decoration over the entire club body. We have one purple left for anyone needing a replacement or to learn to juggle with one more than they have now.

Length: 51 cm (20 in.) Weight: 229 g (8 oz)

1 purple only
$35 each

Dubé Euro juggling Clubs
dube Euro juggling clubs The dube Euro juggling club is a leader in quality and design. Euro 220 longhandled juggling clubs are the most widely preferred length and weight, and come with the standard soft white plastic Isogrip handle, black knob, end, and tape. The Dual Arc or Euro style decoration leaves the central area of the club body bare where the club lands on the ground. This reduces visible wear, making this club popular for juggling over a variety of surfaces. glitter decoration protected with tri-laminate. Laserdust glittery metallic decorations:
220 g (7.75 oz) 52 cm (20.5 in.)

$41 each

Henrys Classic Circus Halfdeco clubs
Classic Circus Halfdeco clubs Henrys Classic circus halfdeco juggling clubs have silver stripes over a plastic body.
Length: 52 cm (20.5 in.) Weight: 218 g (7.6 oz)

1 pink shorthandle

Henrys Classic Circus 1/8 juggling clubs
Classic Circus 1/8 juggling clubs Henrys Classic circus 1/8 juggling clubs have silver stripes over metallic decorated body. A very high quality club with a light feel, yet a solid balance and spin.
Length: 52 cm (20.5 in.) Weight: 218 g (7.6 oz)

1 purple shorthandle

Dubé custom Euro juggling clubs
The dubé Euro Club has long been one of the mainstays for performers and hobbyists everywhere. These clubs are known for their durability and fine balance, and wide range of decoration choices (choices for knob, handle, tape, middle arc, body, end arc, endcap are explained below). Custom built to order.
Dube Euro juggling clubs

Select one color from each category:

  1. Rubber knob: white, black
  2. Wrapped handle color:
    white isogrip (standard)
    Metallic: silver, gold
    (Add $2 each for metallic or vinyl handle.)
    Vinyl: white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, black, glow
    (Add $3 each for glow handle.)
  3. Tape color: white, black
  4. Middle arc Decoration (Specify vinyl, metallic or laserdust):
    Vinyl: orange, green, yellow, red, aqua blue, pink, purple, white
    Metallic: red, purple, silver, gold, green, blue, pink
    Laserdust (glittery metallic): red, purple, gold, aqua blue, silver, green
  5. Plastic body color:
    White, black, glow in the dark
    (Add $3 each for glow in the dark body.)
  6. End arc decoration band:
    same choices as part D
  7. Rubber end cap: white, black
Most commonly preferred length and weight: Regular Euro 220 model- Length: 52 cm (20.5 in.) Weight: 220 g (7.75 oz)

Euro 260 - weight: 260 g (9 oz)
Regular Shorthandled Euro model - length: 48 cm (19 in.)
Heavy Shorthandled Euro model - length: 48 cm (19 in.)

$41 each

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