Replacement knobs for juggling clubs are interchangeable among most major brands of clubs, including dube, Todd Smith, Henrys, Beard, Mister Babache, and Play.
End caps, however, vary with the diameter of the club end, and are best replaced with the same style as the original.

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Juggling Club Decoration Sheets
juggling club decorations Large sheets of adhesive holographic Mylar decoration are available by the foot. Used for decorating clubs, cigar boxes, prop stands, or anything that needs to look flashy. Each sheet is thin and light on a removable backing, and is easy to cut. Multilens (available in blue or silver) is divided into 1.25 in. squares, each with a holographic sphere inside.
25 in. by 12 in. (64 cm by 30 cm)

Silver or blue.
$2 per foot

Beard Juggling Club Decorations
juggling club decorations Holographic "Multilens". Specify "middle" or "end"
Red, blue, green, fuchsia, silver, gold
$2 each section
Serious Juggling decoration tape
decoration tape Adhesive Mylar decoration tape is available by the foot. Metallic mirror silver tape is often used to add circus stripes to juggling clubs, or wrap around hula hoops or other props. Thin and light, with a removeable backing. Our tape is used by the hoop juggling act in Cirque du Soleil's Corteo.

Width: 1.9 cm (.75 in.)

Metallic: silver

Metallic silver roll
Width: 1.9 cm (.75 in.) / Length: 100 m (330 ft)

Replacement Club Knobs & End Caps
Dubé juggling club knobs
dube juggling club knobs Dubé juggling club knobs are the original manufacturer’s replacement knob for dube Euro clubs, and fit most other brands of clubs as well. dube knobs are milled from a very dense foam for durability, and have a square edge for chin balances. Includes metal washer and screw.
Black or white
$2.50 each
Play PX3 juggling club knobs
PX3 juggling club knobs PX3 juggling club knobs are molded in thermoplastic, making them extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. They are soft enough to cushion landings, and allow the screw head to be recessed more than many knobs.
PX3 knobs fit all major club brands, and also make very good club swinging knobs.
All colors except white and black are UV sensitive (fluorescent under black light). Includes plastic washer and metal screw.
White, red, orange, yellow, green, blue or black.
$3 each
Mister Babache Flip juggling club knobs
Mister Babache Flip juggling club knobs Mister Babache Flip knobs feature an innovative new recessed design using molded rubber. Each knob has an interior wall at which the screw and washer stop, so that the head of the screw is well inside the knob. This prevents marks being left by the head, as well as minimizing bent screws. These are Torx screws (six-pointed star), which permit greater torque without stripping the head. The durable knob material is a soft, flexible rubber that holds up better against abrasions and tearing than foam. These knobs will fit most brands of European style clubs.

$4.50 each

Dubé juggling club end caps
dube juggling club ends Dubé juggling club end caps need to be glued on.
Black or white
$1.50 each

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