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With each of the activities below, precautions must be taken while learning. PLEASE hold onto a railing or someone's shoulder for at least your first few attempts even if you feel it is not necessary. Generally, if you feel yourself tipping and just let yourself keep going, you will step easily to the ground, feet first. People usually get into trouble when trying to jump off when falling from one of these apparatuses, which only worsens things because they are not stable surfaces.
Stomp Walker peg stilts
Stomp Walker peg stilts Big foot stilts with oversized mobile foam feet. Hold on to the foam handle grips and start stepping. Indoor or outdoor. Supports up to 150 lbs. foot pads: 10 inches off the ground. Hand grips are 41.5 in. tall. Ages 6-11. Minor assembly required.

Blue feet only.
$54.95 set

Grandpa's Stilts
Grandpa's Stilts Grandpa's Stilts are made of quality straight grained hardwood and will last for years. They are easily adjusted to four heights, up to 14 inches off the floor. Fit kids 6 and older. Patented and made in America.

Size: small, medium or large (61")
$60 set

Dube rola bola set
dube Rola Bola set The dube rola bola set consists of a beautifully finished balance board and a 6.5 in. diameter PVC roller. This slightly smaller pipe is great for learning with, and for portability when performing. Imported 12-ply birch plywood is rounded and coated with high gloss lacquer for durability. Bands of rubbery grip tape ensure good contact with the board, and a hardwood stopper at each end provides extra confidence. Suitable for beginner through professional.

$135.00 set

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