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Dubé juggling knives
Dubé juggling knives Dube juggling knives only look razor sharp! The curved stainless steel blade has a beveled edge for a dangerous look (you can even cut a carrot with it to impress the audience), but is not sharpened. Nonetheless, care should be taken when juggling any metal object of this weight to stick to tricks one is confident with, avoiding high throws. Handles are solid hardwood with lacquer over black paint or natural finish. Dube knives are suitable for street performing and juggling over any surface, and have long been a staple for professionals and hobbyists alike. For those wanting to start with a smaller investment in their performance props, a single knife can be purchased to juggle with other objects, saving the other two to purchase later.

50.8 cm (20 in.) / 340 g (12 oz)
Handle: black or natural

$49.95 each

Note: Sheaths are for sale only with the purchase of additional items.

$10 each

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