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Torch covers can be found in Bags & Accessories.
Dubé Klassic torches

Dubé Klassic torches

The dube Klassic Torch has a simple, sleek design that keeps the price low. This torch is made from one piece of solid maple wood painted classic glossy white, attached to an aluminum tube with a closed end. The Klassic torch has a rounded knob for torch swinging and a flat bottom end for chin balances.

52.1 cm (20.5 in.) / 255 g (9 oz)
$35 each

Mister Babache Discovery juggling torches
Mister Babache Discovery juggling torches The Mister Babache Discover Torch has a light, easy flip when juggling and a simple elegant look without costing a lot. Discover Torches are made with a flexible sleeve handle to soften catches, and durable Flip knobs that feature a recessed screw head. The Discover Torch makes an excellent introduction to torch juggling without sacrificing comfort. As always, torches should only be juggled by someone who has complete control of three regular clubs (when you can juggle them as long as you like while carrying on a conversation or walking around, etc.)

49 cm (19.3 in.) / 235 g (8.3 oz)
$39 each

Dubé Custom juggling torches

Dubé Custom juggling torches

The dubé Custom Torch is slightly heavier than other torches, which makes it more stable in mild wind and/or performance situations. A heavier object requires more energy to juggle it, but in return gives you a consistent throw, so that when it leaves your hand you are confident of where it is in the air. This need for less finesse should be considered along with what club/torch weight and balance you are used to when selecting torches.

51.4 cm (20.25 in.) / 284 g (10 oz)
Custom color combinations can be made to order.

Red, green, blue, silver, gold or gold with gold handle.
$45 each

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