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Dubé Sock Poi
Dubé Sock Poi The soft stretch spandex construction facilitates all types of unique tricks such as air wraps, hyper loops, stalls, contact and wibbling. Sock Poi are sewn with a side opening to allow any ball up to 2.75" in diameter to be inserted. Each comes with a standard white tennis ball inserted. Sock Poi can also be illuminated using Lighted Balls.
Length: 24 in / 9.5 cm

Patterns: Solids, Polka Dots, Stripes and Zebra
Fluorescent Fabric Colors: Solid Orange, Solid White; Red/Black Zebra; Green/Black Zebra; Pink/Black Zebra; Pink/Black Stripes; Green/Black Stripes; Black w/Green Polka Dots; Pink w/Black Polka Dots.
Non-Fluorescent Fabric Colors: Solid Blue.
$24.95 each set

Play Contact Poi
Play Pro contact Poi Pro Contact Poi from Play juggling are visually striking, well designed and versatile ball poi sets for all skill levels. The medium sized 8 cm ball is a manageable size for beginning as well as for more advanced throws, while the 4 cm silicone knobs provide optimum control for swinging and catching. Knobs, ropes, and balls are color matched, and the 50 cm rope is easily shortened if need be.
Ball: 8 cm (3.15 in.), 150 g (5.3 oz), Rope: diameter 6 mm, length 50 cm

White, red
Fluorescent: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue

$35 each set

Dubé Kite Poi
Dubé Poi Dubé kite, flag or streamer poi have bright streamers and durable connectors and swivels for all levels of poi swinging. The rip stop Nylon tails are detachable on Velcro strips for practicing with the ball alone. Each tail is in two colors that split near the bottom for visual effect, and the cords are adjustable in length. Handles are Nylon double loops or single loops.

Fluorescent orange/yellow, fluorescent green/yellow

$37.50 each set

Dubé Lighted Poi
Lighted poi Dubé lighted poi balls contain LEDs and replaceable batteries, and light up with a bright glow. Each complete set contains two vinyl poi balls with batteries and a built in attachment, a pair of adjustable Nylon cords with swivels, and a pair of Nylon handles double loops for your fingers). You can choose both poi balls to be the same color style, or put two different types together for contrast. The poi balls are a semi-translucent white, and are a little bit flexible. Each ball can be switched on and off to conserve battery life, which averages 10-20 hours.

Lighted poi ball: 69 mm (2.72 in.), 140 g (5 oz)
Replacement battery sets: (3 of LR44 - enough for one ball) $1.95

Solid FX: Red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, pink, orange, white.
$49.95 set

20FX Ultra: Twenty selectable effects including all solid, rainbow color change, color fade and strobe effects, plus an additional 6 special effects.
$59.95 set

Dubé Meteor
Dubé meteor A meteor in motion is a cross between a staff and poi. Swinging moves, high throws, and spins in different planes are all possibilities. Dubé meteors are made with braided Nylon rope and a flexible 3 inch ball at each end. Two knots are tied at gripping points. Custom lengths are available as a special order.

white rope with red balls
white rope with blue balls
red rope with red balls
red rope with blue balls
$35 each set

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