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Swinging torches are used to perform the flaming version of club swinging. One torch is held in each hand, and circles are swung in different planes and directions. This falls into the larger category of what is sometimes called "fire spinning," or "fire dancing."

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Mister Babache swinging torches
Mister Babache Swinging torches Mister Babache swinging torches have smooth round wooden knobs and aluminum bodies for lightness and heat dispersion. A folded wick cube at the head makes for a large flame. By keeping most of the weight at the far end, these swinging torches have an elegant profile and handle easily.


Dubé Klassic torches

Dubé Klassic torches

The dubé Klassic torch is simpler in design, with hard wooden handles, but has a rounded knob for swinging (and a flat end for balancing).

52.1 cm (20.5 in.) / 255 g (9 oz)
$35 each

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