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Ball Juggling

Beyond the Cascade book

Beyond the Cascade, by George Gillson.
Beyond the Cascade teaches over 100 tricks with three balls, from the basic cascade to advanced variations. Famous tricks such as the Mills Mess, Burke's Barrage, and Rubenstein's Revenge are covered, along with fundamentals (Statue of Liberty, the Snake, the Machine, 4 4 1), and more unusual patterns (Boston Mess, Clawed Chops, Slams, and many more). Along with detailed written descriptions, simple diagrams show flight paths and carries, giving this book a technical and organized style. Revised 2005 edition.
97 pages.

Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling

Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling, by Charlie Dancey
Easily the most comprehensive ball juggling book available, Charlie Dancey provides over 200 pages of ball juggling tricks, accompanied by cartoon illustrations. The writing style is friendly and clever, and you will find plenty to read about 3-ball tricks, numbers, ball bouncing, passing, site swaps, etc. (This book is sometimes searched for as Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling and Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling.)
224 pages.
Club Juggling

Mister Babache Club Juggling Booklet

Clubs (Booklet), by Mister Babache
Cartoon illustrations walk you through just getting started, some tricks and juggling 4 and 5 clubs.
23 pages.

Compendium of Club Juggling book

Compendium of Club Juggling, by Charlie Dancey
This is the followup to Charlie Dancey's Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling, and it is certainly a fitting companion. Over 200 pages of tricks with clubs take you from the basic 3-club cascade, up through advanced tricks, passing, numbers, etc.
238 pages.

Patterns: A Manual of Club Passing

Patterns: A Manual of Club Passing, by Richard Dingman
This large, spiral bound volume takes the reader from basic two-person passing to multi-person advanced formations.
186 pages.
Club Swinging

Club Swinging book by Schatz

Club Swinging, by W. J. Schatz
Club Swinging is a compact instructional manual with skills for beginner to professional. Topics covered include circles, reels, and snakes, as well as suggested exercises and sequences of moves. This text was written in 1908, with a dense and technical writing style, aided by illustrations. This faithful reprinting preserves some of the specialized knowledge from the golden age of club swinging.
115 pages.
Contact Juggling
Contact Juggling book Contact Juggling, by James Ernest
A one of a kind text on ball rolling.
93 pages.
Returning soon.
Devil Sticks

The Devilstick Book The Devil Stick Book, by Todd Strong
The foremost book about devilsticks (and flower sticks), the Devil Stick Book by Todd Strong is in its fourth printing. Intended for the beginning and intermediate learner, the book covers basic tricks, more advanced moves, partner variations, and the history and origins of the sticks. Each trick is given a thoughtful and full description, including an extended section on the balancing of an object on the body.
107 pages.



Mister Babache Diabolo booklet

Diabolo (Booklet), by Jonglerie Diffusion
This booklet is excerpted from "Diabolo From A-Z".
It has enough material to get you started and learn many beginning tricks.
21 pages.

The Diabolo from A-Z book

The Diabolo From A-Z, by Jonglerie Diffusion
The Diabolo from A to Z is an introductory book with nearly 100 pages of different tricks to learn. The illustrations are done in a sharp cartoon style, and progress in order of difficulty from the very beginning to intermediate level. A clapboard icon indicates which tricks can be cross referenced on the Diabolo Folies DVD, which is also produced by Mister Babache. diabolo manual
95 pages.

The Dice Stacking Book

The Dice Stacking Book, by Todd Strong.
Beginning to advanced lessons on how to manipulate up to four dice with one cup. Includes a history of dice, and many novel tricks.
94 pages.
$15 including four perfect cancelled dice and special cup
$10 without dice and cup
$9 for dice and cup only
Ball Spinning

Ball Spinning book

Ball Spinning, by Rhys Thomas.
Spinning a ball on your fingertip can be part of a juggling performance, another fun form of object manipulation, or a good way to show off in front of the other team before a big game. In this unique instructional book, Rhys Thomas desribes the basic techniques and mechanics of selecting a ball and spinning it properly, along with classic variations and some new twists to learn. Sections include two-ball stacks, curls, and combination tricks.
37 pages.

Fliktriks are 12 small flip books with cartoon jugglers who come to life when you riffle through the pages. A trick can be broken down by turning the pages slower and slower, or flip through the trick backwards! Each book contains two tricks, one on each side.

Each Fliktrik: $4

FlikTriks #1

FlikTriks #1

3 Ball Cascade / Columns

FlikTriks #2

FlikTriks #2

3 Club Cascade / Chops

FlikTriks #3

FlikTriks #3

Georgian Shuffle / Biting the Apple

FlikTriks #4

FlikTriks #4

4 Ball Circles / 4 Ball Columns

FlikTriks #5

FlikTriks #5

Head Roll / Flips

FlikTriks #6

FlikTriks #6

Boston Mess / The Arm Roll

FlikTriks #7

FlikTriks #7

Burke's Barrage / Matt's Mess

FlikTriks #8

FlikTriks #8

Mill's [sic] Mess / Mill's Mess Duet

FlikTriks #9

FlikTriks #9

Rubenstein's Revenge / Luke's Shuffle

FlikTriks #10

FlikTriks #10

The Box / Grace

FlikTriks #11

FlikTriks #11

The Escalator / Reverse Chops

FlikTriks #12

FlikTriks #12

4 Ball Mill's Mess / 5 Ball


Otedama Book

Otedama - Traditional Japanese Juggling Toys and Games, by Denichiro Onishi.
In Japan, the traditional pastime of juggling small beanbags (usually in the shower pattern) has been passed down through generations by grandmothers to granddaughters. This is the first book on the subject, and it provides a delightful look at styles of play (many are gathering variations, like the game of jacks), history, and even methods for making your own cloth otedama. This slim hardcover book includes many colorful photos of folk art otedama.
32 pages

The Death of Ben Linder

The Death of Ben Linder, by Joan Kruckewitt.
The Death of Ben Linder, by Joan Kruckewitt, is the definitive book on the story of the young American engineer (and juggler/unicyclist), Ben Linder. Linder traveled to Nicaragua in 1983 as part of a small wave of North Americans interested in improving life for people negatively affected by actions of the American government. While working to set up hydroelectric power for a small village in 1987, Linder was killed by U.S.-backed Contras. In addition to a detailed historical and political analysis, The Death of Ben Linder tells a human story of discovery, loss, love, and hope. Many anecdotes involve unicycling and juggling, such as Linder performing with a Nicaraguan circus, and using his unicycling skills to lead village children in a parade to a clinic for vaccinations. The author lived in Nicaragua from 1983 to 1991, and the sights and sounds of the cities and villages come alive in a book that you won't want to put down.
395 pages.

Strange Feats & Clever Turns

Strange Feats & Clever Turns, compiled by Charlie Holland, 1998.
A collection of reprinted magazine articles from the 1890s-1910s, featuring jugglers, contortionists, acrobats, and assorted other vaudevillians and variety artists.
192 pages.
Juggling In General

The Little Book of Juggling

The Little Book of Juggling, by Richard Dingman.
Measuring just 8.3 x 5.7 cm (3.25 by 2.25"), this little tome packs in basic juggling instructions, variations with three, four balls and above, passing, and even history.
100 pages.

The Joy of Juggling

The Joy of Juggling, by Dave Finnigan.
Illustrated, basic instruction in scarves, balls, clubs, rings and performance.
113 pages.

Juggling: A Flowmotion Book

Juggling: A Flowmotion Book, by Colin Francome.
96 pages.

The Art of Juggling

The Art of Juggling, by Ken Benge
The Art of Juggling is a detailed introduction to the basics of ball juggling, including starts and finishes, intermediate tricks, and partner juggling and passing. This Revised Edition (2006) features updated illustrations, and a section on the Mills Mess. Many ideas for tricks and variations are presented, giving the reader years' worth of material to learn. A solid introduction covering three and four balls with tricks
131 pages.

The Zen of Juggling

The Zen of Juggling, by Dave Finnigan.
An entertaining and thought-provoking fictional account of a spiritual juggling workshop held in rural Taiwan.
111 pages.

The Usborne Book of Juggling

The Usborne Book of Juggling, by Clive Gifford.
A snappy introductory book filled with color photographs. Part of a popular British series for kids.

The Juggling Book

The Juggling Book by Phil Hackett & Peter Owen.
96 pages.

Juggling for the Complete Klutz

Juggling for the Complete Klutz, by John Cassidy and B.C. Rimbeaux.
Juggling for the Complete Klutz is responsible for teaching more beginners to juggle than any other book, and without it, Serious Juggling might not exist! Ben learned to juggle in 1983 from the Klutz book, and you can too. The book comes with three cube beanbags, and is written in a friendly and humorous style. Detailed troubleshooting tips are given to help with the basic steps of juggling. Additional tricks include reverse throws, overhand juggling, the shower, four and five balls, steals, passing, club juggling and passing, and kickups. The current version available is a limited 30th Anniversary Edition, which features red velvetine beanbags and a small purple carrying pouch for the cubes.
75 pages.

Juggling, by Charlie Holland.
A tall picture book covering a wide variety of props and tricks.
96 pages.

The Complete Juggler

The Complete Juggler, by Dave Finnigan
A basic guide to many different props.
574 pages.

Juggling from Start to Star

Juggling from Start to Star, by Dave, Dorothy & Ben Finnigan
Juggling from Start to Star touches on the basics of balls, scarves, clubs, rings, diabolos, devil sticks, plate spinning, and much more with hundreds of pages and dozens of photographs. It is an ideal classroom resource, with ideas for partner juggling, and variety of skills. Start to Star also serves as a detailed reference for the well rounded juggler who needs instruction on approaching new and different props. Compared to previous Finnigan books, Start to Star adds greater detail to the text, and clarity to the illustrations (photographs, in this case).
221 pages.

Juggling With Finesse

Juggling with Finesse:
Lessons In Juggling And Life
by Kit Summers
Reading through this book is like having a professional juggling coach helping you learn. The latest (2002) edition of Juggling with Finesse is full of performing tips, juggling tricks, and techniques for balls, clubs, rings, and a variety of other props used in performance. A collection of juggling pictures of many great performers accompany the text, providing an understanding of the history of juggling throughout the 20th century. Contains practical advice and ideas for routines and combinations, encouraging the juggler to keep progressing towards perfecting the art.

Knot Throwing

Knot Throwing, The Mini Book

Knot Throwing, The Mini Book, by Bill Fry

Knot Throwing book

Knot Throwing, by Bill Fry
Combining the craft of knot tying with the art of juggling. Knot Throwing uses photos and written descriptions to teach dozens of trick knots. Some of the knots involve throwing one end of the rope, while others involve surprising twists and effects that can be used in performance. Each variation is clearly explained with hints and background information. Humorous interludes and historical asides add to the text, which is packaged with a length of braided polyester rope, perfect for getting started with.
97 pages.

The Meteor Book

The Meteor Book, by Rhys Thomas.
Chinese meteors consist of a long rope or cable with weights at each end which can be swung around in all sorts of formations. A complete guide to construction, manipulation and performance. Every trick is described and illustrated simply and completely.
illustrated, 27.9 x 21.6 cm (11 x 8.5") comb bound.
57 pages.
Plate Spinning

Plate Spinning booklet

Plate Spinning, by Cathy Valentine.
This modest looking booklet contains more tricks and ideas for spinning plates than you might expect. Tips are given on learning to get a plate spinning, and variations on catches and moves with a plate and stick follow.
12 pages.

Poi Spinning Book

Poi Spinning, by Michal Kahn.
A complete guide to poi swinging, with clear illustrations of tricks in increasing order of complexity. Hundreds of variations and suggestions are given, from basic to advanced.
144 pages.



Dr. Bob's Instant Ring Juggling Book

Dr. Bob's Instant Ring Juggling Book, by Bob Woodburn.
A clever introduction to juggling, with illustrations of tricks. Comes with 3 miniature rings.
64 pages.

How to Ride Your Unicycle

How to Ride Your Unicycle, by Charlie Dancey
A clear guide to starting out, with helpful tips, and tricks to work on.
32 pages.


The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling

The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling, by Kris Holm
The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling by Kris Holm is an exciting new entry in the short list of books on unicycling. This one of a kind softcover focuses in detail on mountain and trials riding, covering many different riding techniques and skills, as well as equipment and safety. Trials sections include: still stands, balance lines, hops, gaps, pedal grabs, etc. Muni sections include: uphill, downhill, braking, tips for technically difficult descents, muddy and slippery conditions, and geared riding. Accompanying the thorough text are over 250 photographs of riders all over the world, captured in a variety of settings from stunning downhills to daring trials lines. Place it on your coffee table or bookshelf, and this book is sure to inform and inspire both unicyclists and non-unicyclists alike.
174 pages.


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