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Duncan juggling scarf and beanbag set

Duncan juggling scarf and beanbag set

The Duncan juggling beanbag and scarf combination set is designed for a young beginner (about age 7-10) who wants to start slowly with scarves and work up to beanbags, or to be shared by people of different ages. Juggling scarves fall slower than balls, but use a different catching motion, so are not a prerequisite for ball juggling. Scarves can be used by someone as young as 3 or 4 to start throwing and catching with one or two, but beanbags are best a few years later, depending on the individual's motor development. These beanbags are similar to the Budget Beanbags, but are in between small and large, which works well for many different ages. Each set is packaged with an instructional mini CD-ROM.

Set of blue, yellow, pink scarves and 3 medium beanbags.
$15 set

Serious Juggling scarves
Serious Juggling Scarves A juggling scarf is a square of light nylon that slowly floats through the air. Juggling scarves are useful for teaching children since they slow down the juggling pattern, and are easy to catch. Adult beginners who want a change of pace will have fun as well. It is not a necessity to learn scarves before balls or beanbags, but scarves are useful if one is having trouble learning three balls, or if you want something bright and colorful as a group activity.

40 x 40 cm (16 x 16 in.)

Fluorescent pink, orange and yellow.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple

Set of 3 scarves: $6
12 scarves (4 sets): $18
108 scarves (36 sets): $120

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