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Dubé Fire Poi set on cables
dube fire poi

The dube fire poi cable set makes an excellent first set of fire poi for someone advanced with regular poi, who is starting to work with fire. The wick ends (4 feet of 2 inch reinforced Kevlar wick) and Nylon handles are both removable for swinging other objects or switching handles. Flexible stainless steel cable has no links that can fail, and keeps the fire at a more consistent distance from one's hands compared to chain. A swivel near the top keeps each poi from twisting. Choose double loop (standard) or single loop handles.

$63 each set of cable poi

Dubé Fire Poi set on twist chain
dube fire poi

The dube fire poi twist chain set is a durable, professionally built set of fire poi on versatile chain. Each wick head is folded from 4 feet of 2 inch reinforced Kevlar wick. Nylon handles can be chosen as single loop or double loop, and wicks and handles are detachable for replacement or for substituting practice balls or lighted balls. Chain is preferred over cable for certain skills such as wraps and hyperloops.

$70 each set of twist chain poi

Dubé double head fire poi
Dubé double head fire poi The dube double head fire poi set takes fire poi to the next level with a second wick head spaced above the first. This doubles the display of fire with two concentric circles to meet the eye. Made from twist chain with Quicklink connectors and 4 feet of reinforced Kevlar wick per head, this durable, professionally built set will draw extra attention to any fire show.

$99.50 each

$9.95 Replacement pair of nylon handles

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